Artist in Residence application

  1. How did you hear about Core Clay, and what aspects of our program are attractive to you?
  2. We have a constant flow of unexpected issues. How do you deal with the unexpected?
  3. There are between 2 to 7 non-human animals here at any one time (a couple cats, mostly dogs). What is your tolerance level for chaos, noise, and allergens?
  4. What is your worst work habit (hint, don't say it's working too hard, we want an honest answer here, we allllllllll have bad work habits, we just need to know if they can mesh)? What is your best work habit?
  5. How do you feel about repetitive, seemingly pointless work?
  6. What is your favorite part of clay?
  7. What do you do outside of clay work?
  8. How do you network? Why do you network?
  9. What is the area that you would like to work on artistically?
  10. As an artist, how can you improve a transitional community (a neighborhood on the edge that WANTS to improve)?
  11. What is your obligation to the world around you?
  12. Define the following pottery things (yes, it's ok to look em up, but define them in your own words, I will google it):
  • thixotropic
  • eutechtic
  • calcined