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Kilnless in Cincinnati?

Fire with us! Rent an entire kiln, or get a firing package; whatever suits your needs.

Kiln Rental:

$60  -   Large electric (9.9 ft³)

$8  -   Baby electric (.78 ft³)

Firing Packages:

$27.50  -  4,540g (10lb)

$71.00  -  20,000g (44lb)

$148.00  -  50,000g (110lb)

$280.00  -  100,000g (220lb)

$489.00  -  200,000g (440lb)

Our firing packages are super easy. We'll set up an account for you with whatever package you choose (see list above). Every time you drop a piece off to be fired you'll weigh it out and then subtract that weight from your package. Just keep going until it runs out. Don't worry, it'll never expire!