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How You Can Support Us

Patreon is a monthly subscription site were our Patrons can get access to all kinds of cool stuff.

Find out more about our packages below.


Scholarship Fund

$10 a Month 

All money in this tier goes to supporting underserved communities in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area who, for whatever reason, do not have access to the ceramic arts. Ceramicists in the U.S. are keenly aware of the barriers inherent to the medium. It is still our duty as artists to educate the next generation and pass our knowledge on. This scholarship fund is designed to lift those barriers and provide an opportunity for education and artistic growth. All money in this tier goes directly to funding classes, supplies, firings, and memberships.

Cincinnati Packages

$15- $24 a Month

Live in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Area? This package is for you. Sign up for this tier and you'll get priority firing on all of your pieces, and 5 pounds added to your firing package each month. Sign up for the $15 tier and you'll get a one day pass to the studio each month, or for $24 you'll get a seat in one of our workshops each month.


Scholarship Fund

Can't commit to a subscription? Click here to make a one time donation.

All money goes directly to funding classes, supplies, firings, and memberships for underserved communities.

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