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What We Offer

Clay Mugs

Firing in Our Kilns

Firing a few pieces or renting a whole kiln?

Kiln Repair

Issues with your kiln?

We can help

Shop Kilns

Ready to buy your own kiln?

We carry L&L kilns

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Need something for

your kiln?


Kilnless in Cincinnati?

Fire with us! Rent an entire kiln, or get a firing package; whatever suits your needs.

Firing Packages:

$30.50  -  4.54 kg (10lb)

$78.00  -  20 kg (44lb)

$163.00  -  50 kg (110lb)

$302.00  -  100 kg (220lb)

$528.00  -  200 kg (440lb)

Our firing packages are super easy. We'll set up an account for you with whatever package you choose (see list above). Every time you drop a piece off to be fired you'll weigh it out and then subtract that weight from your package. Just keep going until it runs out. Don't worry, it'll never expire!

Please review our Firing Policy to see if Core Clay is a good fit for your firing needs.

Firing Packages

Kiln Repair

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide kiln repair at this time for any kilns outside of those that were bought through us. 


We are so sorry for the inconvenience, but look forward to this service being offered again soon.


Shop L&L Kilns

We know buying a kiln is a big decision.

Give us a call at 513-351-0036 to talk to someone about which kiln is right for you.

Check out some of our favorites below or go to L&L's website to see their full catalog

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