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Kiln Repair

Is your kiln having trouble reaching temperature (or not working at all)? We can help!

$40 per hour, plus parts, starting from the moment we leave the parking lot.

Give us a call for more information; advice is free!


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Kilnless in Cincinnati?

​Fire with us! Rent an entire kiln, or get a firing package; whatever suits your needs.

Kiln Rental:

$60  -   Large electric (9.9 ft³)

$8  -   Baby electric (.78 ft³)

Firing Packages:

$27.50  -  4,540g

$71.00  -  20,000g

$148.00  -  50,000g

$280.00  -  100,000g

$489.00  -  200,000g

Our firing packages are super easy. We'll set up an account for you with whatever package you choose (see list above). Every time you drop a piece off to be fired you'll weigh it out and then subtract that weight from your package. Just keep going until it runs out. Don't worry, it'll never expire!


Membership Options

Looking for studio space? Need somewhere to make? Become a member today!

Rent studio space with us! We house 40+ artists in our community studio. We have single, double, or full sets of 2' x 3' shelving available. Ask about private studios.

Wheels, tables, extruder, and texture center are all community space, shared on a first come, first served basis.

Single 2' x 3' shelf

Two 2' x 3' shelves

Full set of 2' x 3' shelves