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Need A Studio?

Check out your options


Day Passes

One Day Access | $40-$100

Month-to-Month Membership

One Month | $82 +

Firing Packages

Fire your pieces in our kilns!

Studio Events

Kiln Openings & Clay Club

Membership Options

Looking for studio space? Need somewhere to make? Become a member today!

Rent studio space with us! We house 100+ artists in our community studio. We have single, double, or full sets of 2' x 3' shelving available.

Wheels, work tables, slab rollers, hand building equipment, and studio glazes are all community space, shared on a first come, first served basis.

Memberships operate on a month-to-month basis. No commitments or additional fees to start or stop your rental. Click on the button below to learn more.

Single 2' x 3' shelf

Two 2' x 3' shelves

Full set of 2' x 3' shelves


Firing Packages

​Currently kiln-less? Here's our firing options. 

Firing Packages:

$30.50  -  4.54 kg (10lb)

$78.00  -  20 kg (44lb)

$163.00  -  50 kg (110lb)

$302.00  -  100 kg (220lb)

$528.00  -  200 kg (440lb)

Our firing packages are super easy. We'll set up an account for you with whatever package you choose. Every time you drop a piece off to be fired you'll weigh it out and we'll subtract that weight from your package. Just keep going until it runs out. Don't worry, it'll never expire!

Please review our Firing Policy to see if Core Clay is a good fit for your firing needs.

Upcoming Events

154234068_252783349809967_1489883479201874704_n (1).jpg

Monthly Gas Kiln Openings

First Friday of Every Month

Each month a local potter will be featured to show off their artwork and their skills. They'll fill our gas kiln with a series of work and then talk about their artistic process. Don't know anything about clay? Not a problem, this is just a fun relaxed evening of wine, food, and art.

Clay Club

Every Tuesday @ 6:15

Tuesday evenings at 6:15pm we host Clay Club in the studio. This is free to everyone and provides an opportunity to learn from more advanced potters in our Core Clay community. Each night focuses on a different subject or technique with the goal of strengthening relationships within the studio and helping our community take their ceramic practice to the next level.

Not a member? That's okay! Bring some clay and hang out anyway.

Want to see the Clay Club schedule? Check out the Google Doc linked below. You can even comment what kinds of classes you'd like to see.


Classroom Schedule

The times listed are when classes take place. These spaces are reserved and members should plan their schedules accordingly. Subject to change.

Add a subheading (1).png

Classroom 1

Monday- 6-8pm

Tuesday- 11am-1pm

Wednesday- 6-8pm

Thursday- 6-8pm

Friday- 6-8pm

Saturday- 2-4pm

Sunday- 10am-2pm

Classroom 2

Monday- 6-8pm

Tuesday- n/a

Wednesday- 6-8pm

Thursday- n/a

Friday- 6-8pm

Saturday- n/a

Sunday- n/a


Monday- 6-8pm

Tuesday- n/a

Wednesday- 6-8pm

Thursday- n/a

Friday- 6-8pm

Saturday- n/a

Sunday- n/a

Glaze Room

Monday- n/a
Tuesday- 6-8pm
Wednesday- n/a
Friday- n/a
Saturday- 1-3pm
Sunday- 2-4pm

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