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Core Clay is a privately owned community clay studio with 40+ artists sharing space. 


The studio houses artists who share ideas and interact with each other artistically.

We offer classes for wheel-throwing and hand-building. Ranging from beginner to advanced. But we dont' stop there we also house workshops and group events.

Are you looking for material for your own studio? We sell products ranging from dry clay materials to commercial glazes. We also have a large variety of tools for sale, including, Kemper, Mudtools, and more.


We have moved!!!​

3846 Montgomery Road, Norwood, OH.

We have worked hard to update our website so that you can now put an order in online and then pick up in store. We are incredibly short staffed during the pandemic, so it's a good idea to call and confirm pickup directions after you place your order. Thank you for your loyalty during this transition, we are getting more and more organized daily.

How do we re-open?

Learn about our safety guidelines here to find our how we're handling Covid-19

Located At:

3846 Montgomery Rd.

Norwood, OH 45212

Hours of Operation:

10:00am-9:00pm Mon-Fri

12:00-4:00 Saturday (STUDIO ONLY)

 Closed Sunday


Our Staff

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Laura Davis

Studio Owner

Laura has been working in clay since 2002. Her work influenced by stained glass windows, celtic designs, cut glass, and the state of our world. She has become a little obsessed with stencils lately.

Emily Hobart

Residency Director & Studio/Gallery Coordinator

Emily started out here as an Artist in Residence, and we liked her so much, we asked her to stay. Emily currently acts as our Residency Director and Studio/Gallery Coordinator. (She helps a little bit with everything.)


Jane Lester

Keeper of Knowledge

Jane Lester was our second studio member. She makes Reiki infused pottery.

She has been known to frequent the Festival of Light shows around the Ohio area. She also keeps us sane at the studio. Without her, no one would know what to pay for their membership, the bills would go unpaid, and we would be in complete chaos.

Mike O'Neil


Mike specializes in functional stoneware and earthenware pieces with a focus towards surface decoration. He currently works as our Lead Instructor for Monday night beginner wheel classes.


Amy Pellegrino

Residency Director & Instructor

Amy Pellegrino is a Cincinnati based artist, having received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Spatial Arts from Northern Kentucky University. She primarily works in ceramic, both on the pottery wheel and hand-building and sculpting. She recently graduated from an Artist in Residence here at Core Clay to full employee. She currently acts as an Instructor and Residency Director.

Elizabeth Given

Artist In Residence & Kiln Boss

Liz is one of the recent additions to our Artist in Residence program. New to Cincinnati, she moved here after receiving her Masters at the University of Dallas. Liz has been a badass since arriving here at Core a week before the pandemic took us into lock-down. She's helped us tremendously as we've made our way through these weird days.


Hannah Staber

Artist in Residence

Hannah is the newest addition to our Artist in Residence program here at Core Clay. She made the massive move here all the way from Vienna and we're so excited to have her fresh, creative energy here in the studio!

Hannah aims to invoke a sense of wonder and other worldliness with her work. She is influenced by the non-human-made qualities in her environment: exuberant and diverse natural textures and organic patterns that emerge from growth, along with the juxtaposition of chaos and symmetry in nature. 

Mo Davis

Chief Security Officer

Mo is the best boy. Sure, he'll bark at you as you come through the door, but only because he's so excited to see you. Please don't mind, but do respect, his gargantuan size. (Yup, he's a Great Dane)


Our Members

Here are some of the wonderful members that make up our studio.

If you're a member that would like to be featured please let us know!
Interested in joining? Check out our membership packages

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Amelia Tolle


Dana Makstaller

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 5.25.56 PM.png

Daniel Luck


John Mason


Artist In Residence Program

Core Clay is a privately owned clay studio with 60+ artists sharing space. The Clay supply business offers a line of tools, clay and glaze materials available at most clay supplies, as well as our own in-house designed glazes and tools exclusive to Core Clay. This area involves formulating and mixing glazes for sale, creating plaster forms, answering phones, helping customers, and keeping inventory levels accurate.

The public studio houses 60 artists who share ideas and interact with each other artistically. This area involves general studio maintenance, kiln loading, clay pugging, teaching beginners, and glaze mixing. 

Workshops are an important opportunity to learn from outside artists and they require extensive preparation. Artists in Residence working in this area will learn the details of putting together a multi-day event, from searching for presenters and arranging to feed and house a large group of people, to following up afterwards. This job involves developing publicity and computer skills.

The Goal of the Artist in Residence Program

We provide an opportunity in an artists community for clay artists at the beginning of their careers to get a start as full time professional artists. Our dream is to create a community of artists that fosters creativity and practicality in the arts, and grows a long term group of contacts for artists long after their program has ended. We offer a working relationship with professional artists--wheel throwers, handbuilders, and slip casters.

Required Activities

  • Participate (and possibly moderate) our monthly studio critique

  • Minimum 5 hours per week working in the studio on your personal body of work

  • Organize at least one gallery exhibition of your work

  • Teach at least one class or workshop of your choice

  • 10 hours per week working in the shop (plus additional for housing)


  • Studio Clay outings

  • Clay supplies at cost during residency

  • Free firing during residency (within reason)

  • Free attendance at visiting artist workshops in exchange for labor at workshop

  • Free workspace during residency

  • Opportunities to participate in sales at Core Clay

  • Free housing in exchange for labor (quantity of labor depends on housing situation)

  • Opportunities for employment at local clay businesses

So, how do you apply?

Spring Deadline:

  • Application packet must be postmarked by January 1st 

  • Notification of acceptance will be given in February

  • Residency starts March 1st, and ends February 15th

Fall Deadline:

  • Application packet must be postmarked by June 1st 

  • Notification of acceptance will be given in July

  • Residency starts September 1st, and ends August 1st


  • A portfolio of 20 shots of work (printed, on disc, or slide; we're not picky)

  • An updated copy of your artist resume

  • A physical letter of recommendation from 3 ceramic artists or instructors (These can either be mailed separately or included in the application packet)

  • A brief statement of goals and objectives to work toward during residency. What do you expect from your experience?

  • Fill out this application

  • Put all these (minus the online application) into an envelope and send it to:

Core Clay

Attn: Emily Hobart

3846 Montgomery Road

Norwood, OH 45212

Due to COVID- Emailing your application is acceptable at this time

Still have Questions?

Send them to

or call us at 513-351-0036


Previous Artists In Residence

No longer with us but we're still cheering for them


Amy Pellegrino


Leila Srouji


Kerie Johannes


Rachel Donner


Emily Hobart


Evelyn Wilde


Nikki Marie


Jessie Rhienerth




Undergrad Co-Op Program

Join the Team

We're happy to offer undergrad students, from a number of colleges in the Cincinnati area, the opportunity to complete their co-op internship here at Core Clay. If you're interested in applying please feel free to fill out the application below.


Core Clay


3846 Montgomery Road

Norwood, OH 45212

Hours of Operation: 

Monday-Friday 10:00am-9:00pm

Saturday 12:00-4:00 (STUDIO ONLY)

Closed Sunday

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