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Gas Kiln Openings

First Friday of Every Month!

Monthly Gas Kiln Openings: Text

Featured Artist:
John Mason

June 4, 2021

Sequence 01.00_00_08_22.Still037.jpg

Featured Artist:
Laura Davis

July 2, 2021


Featured Artist:
Liz Given
Amy Pellegrino

August 6, 2021


Featured Glaze:
Clancy Base

September 3, 2021


Featured Artist: 
Daniel Luck
Emily Hobart

October 1, 2021

244807679_393643185564350_2445049863652237538_n (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Featured Glaze:
John's Red

November 5, 2021

What Came Out
Monthly Gas Kiln Openings: Meet the Team

What are the kiln openings about?

Education is a major touchstone of Core Clay's mission. The purpose of the kiln openings is to help our members, students, friends, family, and community better understand the ceramic process. Our brand new Bailey gas kiln is a rare and valuable tool in the clay world. It's so big, the firing process takes so long, and the results are so varied, that unloading it is quite the event. It has the same magic as a Christmas morning. We want to celebrate that and our artists who worked so hard to bring such beautiful things into the world. We would love it if you joined us each month as we explore all the possibilities this kiln has brought to our studio.

Easy to remember; it's the first Friday of every month

gas kiln.jpg
_MG_9663 2.jpg
Monthly Gas Kiln Openings: Mission
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